September 26, 2023

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Sensitive Images | Buffalo Massacre: The shooter broadcast the massacre live on Twitch

Sensitive Images |  Buffalo Massacre: The shooter broadcast the massacre live on Twitch

The Shock From all over the world and in particular United States Because Ten people were massacred At a supermarket Buffalo Do not stop as the judge progresses in the trial, in the last hours The Video Of Exchange by Twitter What the teacher did Assassination.

This is a very interesting audiovisual material for researchers It is seen in detail How were the activities of the teenager Baden Gentron, 18 years, From the start of the broadcast until Tops reaches the chain supermarket parking lot.

It is noteworthy that this is content that offends the feelings of the people.

The video is over four minutes long and has some editing cuts. There is Recorded from a camera attached to Payton Gendron’s helmetWho has been driving his car since the beginning.

Buffalo’s racist Beyoncட் Gentron disguised himself as a homeless man in a supermarket before the massacre.

Gendron runs multiple volumes And throws in a few words, saying he missed the street to go. At one point you see him stop. Park Put on a curb and pull out his cell phone Check that the streaming on Twitch is working properly. After a few seconds, he decided to continue his walk.

Drive one more minute until you reach it Supermarket Tops. Enter your car through a ramp located on the side of the entrance door to the sales room. Once there, you will need to circle around where you can see some vehicles Until he decides to park in front of the door.

First on the supermarket door Victims: The young man opened the door and took a quick aim Shoot without saying a word. He does it against the mirror and enters the interior of the place, where the massacre continues.

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An 18-year-old racist killed 10 people and videotaped them at a buffalo supermarket.

How is the buffalo slaughter investigation?

Investigators in charge of the case Assassination Left a balance Ten people died Inside BuffaloNew York, it continues to support the theory of one Crime I hate Racial. They are trying to confirm the credibility of a report that is currently circulating on the internet and that it was written by a killer.

The FBI is investigating whether the attack took place “Racial motives”, A white young man opened fire inside a store, killing 10 people and wounding three others. The crime was recorded and broadcast by streaming.

Kill the Buffalo | Anti-Semitism, racism, conspiracy theories and the extraordinary reference to Argentina

The Attacker As identified Baden Gentron He was arrested after the massacre. Of the 13 victims of the crime, 11 were black people, buffalo police chief Joseph Gramaklia told local media. This was the first sign that made the authorities think This is a racist crime.

“We are investigating the incident I hate crime And a Case of racist extremist violenceStephen Belongia, head of the FBI’s office in the city, told reporters. “This is pure evil,” said John Garcia, sheriff of Buffalo County.

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