June 25, 2024

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Mandatory dress and new driving tests: It’s the 2024 exam to get a motorcycle driver’s license

Mandatory dress and new driving tests: It’s the 2024 exam to get a motorcycle driver’s license
What will the new procedure for getting a motorcycle license look like?

A rigorous test was conducted to obtain a motorcycle driver’s license in the city of Buenos Aires. The Buenos Aires government said the change focuses on developing driver awareness and responsibility, as well as the anticipation and response skills needed to navigate the streets safely.

After approval Psychometric assessment and theoretical examinationNew Practical test Driving is carried out at the Roca headquarters with a procedure that allows the assessment of the vehicle’s capabilities, capabilities and maneuverability. In addition, the perspective of adequate coexistence between motorcycles and people in terms of road safety is incorporated. “We understand the need to constantly ensure that the neighbor has demonstrated control of his motorcycle and that he is safe to ride,” noted experts in the area.

For the design of the new protocol, the assessment conditions used in countries such as Germany, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Canada, USA, France and Italy were analyzed with the aim of establishing internationally comparable parameters. condition. Experts in the area pointed out that tests used in specific countries guarantee suitability and transferability Practical exercises like slalom, braking, zig-zag test, U-turn and figure 8 test. This analysis is necessary to design an examination that ensures that residents obtaining a motorcycle driver’s license are theoretically and practically prepared to ride.

A fundamental change in the new design establishes how It is mandatory to appear for the examination in appropriate attire (Today is an eliminator, before just deducting points). This requirement begins with the use of a regulatory helmet as mandatory protection: it must not be damaged and must be suitable for the size of the driver.

The test includes new slalom tests, braking, zig-zag test, U-turn and figure 8 test (CABA).

In addition, the driver must wear the minimum clothing appropriate for driving: Long pants, long sleeves and closed shoes, without heels or platforms. Its purpose is to ensure a certain level of protection against abrasion, collision, accidents or friction on the sides of the motorcycle.

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In connection with the established evaluation circuit, the examination is divided Three stages. First, the maneuverability of the motorcycle is determined in a box or the initial exit section with the engine off, and straight-line traffic is evaluated with proper maneuverability in braking technique and proper driving position.

Driver in the second event of the round Must demonstrate proper technique for making left and right turns Proper use of accelerator and brake system, as well as checking proper weight transfer.

Finally, in the last part, Obstacles appear like slalom and zig-zag; The aim is for the applicant to be able to adapt their driving to the characteristics of the segment and make the associated transitions in a fluid and safe manner with full command of the use of motorcycle-vehicle restraints.

It should be noted that each of the three stages of the circuit is necessary to pass and obtain a license. All tests are necessary and equally important in the evaluation process They must be completed in full to receive registration.

Long pants, long sleeves and closed-toe shoes without heels or platforms are required for driving (CABA).

Secretary of Government and Citizens’ Annex of the Government of Buenos Aires, Cesar Torres, Highlighting the importance of this new measure, he said, “We have implemented a new way of assessing motorcyclists to ensure that registrants are best prepared to ride the city’s streets; “We seek to improve and increase the need for choice to reduce accidents and promote better road coexistence.” With this effort, It seeks to raise safety standards on roads, This reduces accidents and promotes a culture of responsible driving among the citizens. Likewise, the official stressed: “These changes in the motorcycle driving license examination reflect a renewed commitment to road safety and reducing accidents on the streets. We intend that these reforms will not only improve rider preparation, but also promote a culture of safe and responsible riding in the motorcycle community.

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Adding new tests: An 8-test block test is included to assess proficiency in low-speed proficiency and engine-off displacement, which were not present in the old test.

Change in rating of braking technique: In the old test, the braking technique was evaluated by a previous “slalom”, which did not allow a precise evaluation. In the new test, the evaluation of the braking technique of the slalom is separated, allowing for a more accurate and comprehensive evaluation. Change in zig-zag measurement parameter: In the old test, the zig-zag measurement was based on speed, in the new protocol it is changed to time based and discards the use of a stopwatch. Distance reduction in zig-zag test: The new test has reduced the distance in the zig-zag test from 7 meters to 5.30 meters, allowing for greater accuracy in the assessment of left-to-right movement and the correct position and tilt of the motorcycle.

New Examination Track (CABA)

Psychological assessment is a basic requirement, before the practical exam, it is necessary to pass the exam, which contemplates the following events:

Psychological Test: An in-depth psychological test is carried out (Bender’s test) which is specially designed by experts in this field and carried out by psychologists trained for the task. Visual Rating: This allows us to verify that the person meets the required visual standards for driving (consisting of binocular testing, cambimetry and glare testing). Speech Therapy Evaluation: It consists of a tonal scan and examination of the person’s hearing ability. Clinical Assessment: This allows the applicant to state their medical condition and, with the information included in the affidavit, verify that the holder of the procedure is fit to drive. In this step, pre-existing diseases affecting the neighbor’s driving ability (diabetes, drugs) are consulted. A physical examination is also included. It involves the doctor evaluating the movements and dexterity of various parts of the body and limbs.

The new exam will be held at the Buenos Aires headquarters of Parque Roca (CABA).

Contains theory exam 40 questions There are multiple options (multiple choice) and each candidate has 45 minutes to complete it. To pass, it is necessary to send at least 32 correct answers. Otherwise, you will be denied and will have to ask for an appointment for another test. To take the motorcycle theory test, the candidate must read and practice the motorcycle driving manual A three-hour driving education course, Can be done in person or virtually.

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The theoretical assessment process was prepared by the Road Education and Coexistence Management of the General Directorate of Design and Implementation of the GCBA and verified by the following organizations linked to the subject: International Automobile Federation, Region IV, Automobile Club Argentina, Civil Association Carla Arduni, Civil Association Mothers of Pain, Civil Association National Network of Families of Traffic Victims, Civil Association Sustainable Actions against Road Insecurity and Violence, Association to Reduce Road Accidents, Center for Sustainable Mobility Studies of the University National Technology, Avellaneda Regi , Creating space for consciousness and reflection Let’s take care of each other.

He Updated Exam Guide and A Video tutorial with all details They are available on the city website.