December 2, 2023

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New threat from Iran: It has launched a possible “preventive operation” against Israel “in the next few hours”.

New threat from Iran: It has launched a possible “preventive operation” against Israel “in the next few hours”.
Hossein Amiraptolahian (REUTERS/Mohammed Azagir)

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein AmiraptolahianIt warned that it was “predictable”. “Preventive action” against Israel The Islamic Republic has aligned itself with the axis of opposition, possibly “in the next few hours.”

“Any kind of preventive action against the Zionist regime against the Zionist regime or the Islamic Republic of Iran is conceivable in the coming hours,” Amiraftolahian said in an interview with Iranian television. Ofok TV.

If the opportunity is lost, new fronts will not be opened against Israel. Time is running out and Resistance has the ability to engage in long-term battles with the enemy“, added.

The Iranian minister also appealed to the US: “Stop crimes against civilians before it’s too late. “Americans cannot call for restraint when they support Israeli criminals.”

Also, Amirabdolahian warned of a “war of resistance”. leading to changes in the map of the Zionist regime“The Islamic Republic of Iran does not support the escalation of the war,” he clarified.

Amirabdolahian insisted that in his communications with “opposition leaders” he told them that “we will not allow the Zionist regime to invade Gaza and then turn against another opposition front.”

“If we don’t defend Gaza, we must prepare to defend every one of our cities.” “What happened is a total disaster for Israel,” he added. Finally, he called on the international community to intervene to reach a political solution to the crisis in Gaza before it reaches a “boiling point.” has issued

Israeli officials indicate that more than 1,400 people died in Israel during the Hamas attack (REUTERS/Violeta Santos Moura)

Fears of a regional escalation of the conflict between Israel and the Hamas terror group grew on Sunday: Tehran warned that “no one” can “guarantee control of the situation”. The US has expressed fears that Iran could be “directly involved” in the event of a ground attack on the Gaza Strip.

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Iran’s foreign minister, who visited Qatar on Sunday, warned of the possibility “Prolongation of Conflict”.

“If the attacks of the Zionist regime against the defenseless people of Gaza continue, no one can guarantee to control the situation,” he said. Hossein Amiraptolahian In an interview with Qatar Channel Al Jazeera.

“The conflict risks escalating, opening a second front in the north and certainly Iran’s intervention” The White House National Security Adviser insisted. Jack SullivanInterview through network CBS On Sunday.

“It’s a risk, and it’s a risk we’ve known from the beginning,” added an adviser to President Joe Biden.

For his part, John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, insisted he did not want to see “another terrorist group like Hezbollah expand and open (new) fronts.”

Already the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Alice Wairimu is hereA press release on Sunday noted the “very serious risk of military escalation in the region”.

When the French President was interviewed on the phone, Emmanuel MacronFor his part, he “warns” his Iranian counterpart, Ibrahim Raisi“Against any escalation or extension of the conflict,” but “especially in Lebanon,” government spokesmen declared.

An Israeli artillery shell hits a house in the Israeli border village of al-Bastan in southern Lebanon (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Fierce clashes are escalating along the Lebanese border between Iran-backed Hezbollah and Israeli forces.

“One more degree in the ascension. “A small amount, but in this kind of situation the little details are of enormous importance,” he cautioned. Heiko WimmanInternational Crisis Group (ICG) expert on Hezbollah attack on Israeli lands and escalation of regional tensions on X Network.

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Since the start of the war, which was unleashed after Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Israel on October 7, clashes along the border have left a dozen dead on the Lebanese side, mostly militants, but also a Reuters journalist and two civilians. At least two people were killed on the Israeli side.

In a statement issued on Sunday afternoon, Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for a new attack in the Hanita area in northern IsraelI destroyed two Merkava tanks and another military vehicle, claiming to have “killed and wounded several enemy soldiers.”

In addition, Palestinian Hamas, which has militants in Lebanon, reported firing several rockets into northern Israel.

Israeli warplanes are attacking Hezbollah positions in Lebanon and firing is taking place along the border, Hebrew military spokesmen said.

Jake Sullivan therefore emphasized that Iran’s “direct involvement” in the conflict cannot be ruled out.

“That’s why the president acted so quickly and decisively to move the aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean and keep the planes in the Gulf. It sent a very clear message to any state or organization that tried to take advantage of this situation” added the White House National Security Adviser.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd AustinThe United States announced on Saturday that it would send a second aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean to “prevent hostile actions against Israel or any attempt to prolong this war.”

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