February 29, 2024

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Omigron ahead of Delta: WHO insists it’s spreading fast but “less intense”

The World Health Organization Vin made an announcement that could be interpreted as the first good news after the uprising Omigron variant in South Africa. WHO President Tetros Adanom Capreius said there seemed to be mutations in the new variant Higher rate of re-infection, But Can cause less severe symptoms than delta variation.

“Preliminary data from South Africa indicate the risk of re-infection with Omicron, however Additional data are needed to make strong decisions. There are also indications that Omigron is causing less severe symptoms than Delta, ”explained the WHO head, confirming that this new variant has already been detected in at least 57 countries.

According to the agency, the number of cases doubles in a week in South Africa (111 per cent higher), while in other areas the risk is higher: 1,990 per cent in Swatini, 1,361 in Zimbabwe, 1,207 in Mozambique, 681 in Namibia and 219 in Lesotho.

However, the WHO agrees in its weekly epidemiological report, Of the 212 cases confirmed in 18 European Union (EU) countries, there were people with mild or no symptoms..

“We must act now”

Yet “we need to better understand whether the Omigron variant can change the delta (which still dominates),” explained Tetros Adonom Caprese.We urge all countries to increase monitoring, testing and genetic sequencing“.

“Every government, every individual, must use all the tools at our disposal and states must reconsider their national plans in the light of the current situation,” the official said, stressing the need to expedite vaccinations for large numbers of people. . “If countries wait until their hospitals start to fill up, it will be too late and we must act nowHe insisted.

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He also called on governments to share epidemiological information with the international community to better monitor Omigran variation. “Remove discriminatory travel restrictions” Such as those released at the end of November against countries in South Africa.

The Omigron variant “may have a major impact on the course of the infection,” but Covit-19 vaccines, treatments, contagion and other factors will soon make a definitive decision on its effects, The officer concluded.