July 13, 2024

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are members of the royal family at the opening ceremony of the Queen’s 70-year jubilee

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are members of the royal family at the opening ceremony of the Queen’s 70-year jubilee

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their children were in evident absenteeism from television screens on Thursday, as they were removed from the opening ceremony of the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations in what appeared to be a determined effort to control the narrative by Buckingham Palace.

Official royal sources told the media that Harry, Meghan and their family were being held with other members of the royal family in the brigade’s office, a large ceremonial room overlooking the ceremony, known as Trooping the Color, which represents the Queen’s ceremony. Official birthday.

But the Sussexes were not seen arriving or leaving the party, nor on the balcony watching it. The California-based couple were said to have secretly arrived at Horseguards Parade in London by car with their children, unlike some other family members who had arrived publicly in horse-drawn carriages.

Kate Middleton and her three children arrived and left the stage with great fanfare in a horse-drawn carriage with Camilla Parker Bowles. Kate’s husband, Prince William, was on the actual show floor with his father, Prince Charles. Prince William and Kate earlier said on Twitter that they were “looking forward to celebrating” the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

Prince George was seen from the window of the Major General’s office, as was Kate, although it appeared that the Sussexes were watching the ceremony on television inside the room, and moved away from the windows.

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The strange erasure of the Sussex family represented yet another twist in the complex and ruthless relationship that has now dominated the royal story for more than two years since Harry and Meghan left the royal family and moved to America.

The Queen had previously said Harry and Meghan would not be able to join her on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, saying the privilege would be limited only to working royals. However, late on Wednesday night, it was announced that Harry, Meghan and the children would attend the astonishing display of pomp and party at the ceremonial military hall, where Kate Middleton will also be with Camilla, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie.

It is believed to be the first time Meghan and Kate have been in the same room since the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in March 2020, when William and Kate almost completely ignored Harry and Meghan.

The revelation that they would meet Kate Middleton in this space prompted many observers to assume that the couple would later appear on the balcony or on the window of that room with other members of the royal family, but this failed notably, in what appeared to be a brutal attempt by Buckingham Palace to control the Optics and avoid comments about the body language relationship between Harry, Meghan and Kate.

The Queen appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to receive the royal salute. Her Majesty, who was having problems with mobility, used a cane but walked unaided.

She then returned to the palace before re-emerging with a whole group of royals, including Kate, William and their children to observe a six-minute flight of 70 planes, one for each of her years on the throne. The Queen smiled joyfully as the RAF’s famous team, Red Arrows, painted the sky red, white and blue.

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It was expected to reappear on Thursday evening to light the first of a series of Jubilee beacons.

Meghan and Harry are making their first joint visit to the United Kingdom since they resigned from royal life and moved to America, having landed in London on Wednesday afternoon, where they met a royal car sent by the Queen to pick them up, interpreted by some. As a conciliatory gesture.

Police pulled at least two protesters, one of whom wore a fake tiara, away after trying to interrupt the opening minutes of the Queen’s birthday march. They jumped out of the crowd and in front of soldiers in red marching down London’s main festive street, The Mall, shortly after proceedings began at 10am, one wore a tiara and the other holding a banner that looked emotional. Redistribution of property land.

The soldiers did not break a step and one protester came close to being trampled.