February 28, 2024

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Russia rejects China’s plan to end war in Ukraine: “We don’t see any conditions for peace”

Russia rejects China’s plan to end war in Ukraine: “We don’t see any conditions for peace”
Vladimir Putin (Sputnik/Reuters)

Russia Monday hinted at settling a plan proposed by China last week War in Ukraine “Due attention”, but the necessary conditions for a “peaceful” solution are not met “for now”.

“We consider the plan of our Chinese friends very carefully (…) It is a long process. As of now, we do not see the environment for this issue to take a peaceful path.“, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Special military operation (in Ukraine) continues“, he added.

On Friday, the Chinese regime submitted a document outlining its twelve-point “position for a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine” and emphasizing the need for “dialogue and negotiations” and “respect for sovereignty.” countries”. The initiative also contemplates a ceasefire, opening of negotiations, prisoner exchange, protection of nuclear power plants and lifting of “unilateral” sanctions.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping (Sputnik/Reuters)

The Chinese plan was already viewed with skepticism by the West. The United States noted that the document should have been in the first two lines to respect the sovereignty of nations.

European diplomatic chief Joseph Borrell said on Friday that China’s peace proposal for Ukraine needs to be improved to “be credible” and that “China should not be seen as biased in the conflict”.

SChina is trying to impose itself as a mediator in the conflict, as its status as an ally of Russia disqualifies it in the eyes of Western countries that support Ukraine. The proposal follows allegations that Xi Jinping is considering supplying Moscow with weapons, which Beijing has dismissed as untrue.

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Russia and Ukraine have so far shown no serious desire to start negotiationsAnd the Asiatic giant responded sensibly to the proposal.

On the other hand, the Kremlin on Monday described as “absurd” the new sanctions imposed by the European Union (EU) on Russia, which targeted 121 individuals and companies. ‚ÄúThis is ridiculous. We see that they are putting anyone under sanctions (…) in order to create new lists,” Peskov said, adding that the measures “are not going to affect” those sanctioned.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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