April 23, 2024

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She believed her husband had Alzheimer’s and stole a fortune from him for 20 years.

The story is so awesome, it can be made into a movie script. A woman was subsequently arrested Cheat 20 years to her husband. To cover up the ant theft, she made him believe what he had Alzheimer’s disease.

After a patient trial lasting several months, Donna Marino, 63, Was arrested Oct. 27 in Connecticut. United States. And to realize that this is far from a particular error, it is enough to review the list of irregularities.

Police report

The police have given an explanation through the dissemination report Kismodo The woman accused Forge your husband’s signature on your checks Pension and Social Security agreements, workers’ compensation agreements and other legal documents.

Donna in a family photo with her husband.

Next came the deposit of money in a secret bank account. The sum over time is a 600 thousand dollars succulent robbery.

Marino confirmed to authorities that he had succeeded in executing the monument fraud by convincing her husband that she was suffering from a progressive disease that affects memory and other vital mental functions. The goal is simple but effective: “diagnosis” This will prevent them from going to the bank and take time to detect the low balance of their accounts.

How the fraud was discovered

Marino’s 78-year-old husband and adult daughter Elena first reported to police in March 2019 that they had committed fraud. Washington Post.

The woman forged signatures on all kinds of documents.  Fox61 video capture

The woman forged signatures on all kinds of documents. Fox61 video capture

The daughter told police she discovered the alleged theft by finding “financial documents” in her Connecticut home and believed his wife was with him. He has been stealing money from his father since 1999. As unbelievable as he was frustrated, she revealed that she was “always in control of the funds” and “I don’t know if she’s taking the money.”

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Then, the man decided Do not press charges, But eventually contacted the security forces again Seeking divorce in January 2020. In October, he took the opportunity to present a written statement detailing “decades of monetary fraud.”

Marino met with investigators in the case and admitted he was “Signing” Your Husband’s Pension Checks And according to the confession he had deposited them in his mother’s bank account for about thirteen years. Even worse: he received Fraudulently a Power of Attorney She admitted mortgaging for her husband and some of her belongings.

Elena Marino realizes that her mother Donna has stolen her father.  Video recording

Elena Marino realizes that her mother Donna has stolen her father. Video recording

How she convinced her husband of Alzheimer’s disease

Whenever he expressed his desire to enter the bank, Marino said he was reminded that he had finally created a scene because of his painting, which caused him embarrassment, the affidavit said.

The woman plotted the scene to prevent John from entering the bank and to find out that his accounts were low. Admitted to being “Mismanaged” $ 20,000 workers’ compensation Her husband received the money and helped his family.

Study numbers published by the media speak to the fact that women Deposited 17 of his pension checksBetween September 2017 and February 2019 a total of $ 23,000 was in his mother’s bank account.

Beyond the evidence, they speculate that it was the total amount of money she allegedly stole from her husband “Too old”, Was able to investigate only the amount removed in the last five years, about 20 years, due to the law of limitations.

Father and daughter flew to Florida to recover from the effects of the economy and hope (EE.UU) They try to find at least some explanation for the person’s disappointment.