December 5, 2023

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He had been searching for his missing brother for 20 years and when he woke up he was stabbed in the bed.

Ivo Rabuncer He is a man who has returned from the past. Not with the best of intentions. Suddenly without warning The brother, who had been searching for himself for 20 years, came home and stabbed him in his sleep..

How the tragedy happened

It all happened on the first weekend in November, the night between Saturday and Sunday Selva de Val Gardena, A city in Bolzano, in Italy.

Martin Rubenser, 35, woke up to the picture of his brother Ivo, 42, approaching him with a Big hunting knife. After the death of the father, the first contact between the siblings after the 18-year-old left the house was reportedly a bloody family reunion. RT.

The man, who entered the house where his brother, his brother-in-law Monica and their 9-year-old son live without permission, attacked both of them on Piculi de Selva Street. The one who got the worst part was Martin, who Received 15 punches yy a had to undertake Emergency surgery For an injury near his lungs.

Ivo Rabuncer (left) and his brother Martin. Photo: Internet

Fortunately, at one point Martin managed to escape with her wrist blocked, she ran out of the house and asked the neighbor for help, who immediately called 911 for help.

Martin now Out of the woods but still in the hospital. Instead, he reports that his wife, Monica, suffered only minor injuries and was discharged immediately after being given the drug.

To enter, Ivo broke down the front door and stood armed in front of his brother’s incredible sight. When the troops entered the house, they They found it in the kitchen. Dressed in camouflage and waiting for them.

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After the tragic episode, a judge confirmed Detention He also ordered the assailant to be remanded in custody, claiming he had the right to remain silent Did not answer Justice asked him countless questions.

The motive for the assassination attempt remains a mystery, especially given that the occupier fled the house twenty years ago, after which he had virtually no contact with the family who actively sought to locate him. Time.

The Intriguing Life of Ivo Rapunzel

All these years it has been known as the Rapunzel Lived in northern Italy. First Milan, Where he worked in associations providing assistance to people in need.

The man was inside then Verona, He would have worked as a tennis court maintenance manager, referring to the Italian site.

Martin Rabancer and his wife Monica were also injured in the tragic episode.  Photo: Internet

Martin Rabancer and his wife Monica were also injured in the tragic episode. Photo: Internet

However, Rabancer was recently out of work and thus he was struggling Economic difficulties.

Although Many attempts to find it What his family did even in front of the show’s cameras “Who saw it?”“It simply came to our notice then.

Now, it was known that he had traveled 200 km by bike From Verona, describing the site, with the intention of killing his brother in the face of darkness and snow Subsidiary.

Ivo’s defense attorneys, Mara Uke and Marco Poscarol – announced that the issue of the defendant’s personal discomfort in the case should be further investigated and that they did not reject the request. Psychiatric study.

For their part, Martin and his wife’s legal representatives pointed out that they were waiting to find out the reason for the horrific episode of violence, which shocked this beautiful and peaceful Italian region.