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Starfield players were amazed to find planets with multiple biomes compared to No Man’s Sky

Starfield players were amazed to find planets with multiple biomes compared to No Man’s Sky

published: 2023-09-04T12:22:41

updated: 2023-09-04T12:22:51

Many players started their space exploration journey in Starfield during early access. While the game contains multiple biomes, one player found a planet with a large variety in multiple locations.

There’s no doubting just how massive Starfield is, especially given the number of explorable planets it contains. As you progress through the campaign, it is very easy to deviate from the main story in order to immerse yourself in space exploration to uncover the unknown.

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Starfield uses procedural generation. This means, as with most other open world games, planets are bound to have different biomes. However, while most games will have a single biome per planet, one gamer demonstrated the complexity of Starfield by showing several very distinct locations on a single planet.

Starfield players are impressed by a rare planet that contains six types of biomes

Originally reddit post, the user finds a planet with six distinct biomes. The planet features areas with dense green vegetation, pastures, vegetation of different colors, deserts, and rocky terrain.

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Some other popular space exploration games like No Man’s Sky feature planets with a single biome. However, traversing a planet as diverse as this happens once in a blue moon, even in a game like Starfield. In the thread, one player commented, “I’ve never seen an NMS world with multiple biomes.”

Another player asked: “This is so cool. It’s my main beef with most mainstream space sci-fi things where most planets are just one biome. There are no animals though?” To this, the user who posted commented: “There were a lot of animals.” On this planet. I’m actually missing one. I can’t find it. It’s actually quite therapeutic exploration. Planets try to find plants and animals as well as minerals to complete their survey. You’ll also come across a bunch of cool stuff like wrecked ships that you can break into and claim As your own factories or science factories with hidden secrets and much more.

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According to the user, the trick to finding beautiful planets is that “you have to find planets in the Goldilocks zone”. They also added: “It just depends on which system you’re going to. Try to find a planet that’s not too far or too close to the sun.

One player also suggested, “You can see the biomes on the planet by clicking on different regions of the planet after scanning them.” Another player caught a trick while scouting the place “If I land between two biomes, that will blend together too. I had snow in one place and jungle in another, and it seemed to fit together perfectly.

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By looking at the discussion in the thread, one can come to the conclusion that Starfield is much more than just following the story and side quests. Exploring different planets can be beautiful and make you wonder if there are any other planets in the universe, as diverse as Earth!

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