July 21, 2024

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Terrorists describe atrocities and abduction of girls in kibbutzim: “They took selfies with them”

Terrorists describe atrocities and abduction of girls in kibbutzim: “They took selfies with them”
Interrogation of members of the terrorist organization who participated in the October 7 massacre in southern Israel

The Israel Defense Agency They published Investigations to do Seven Hamas terrorists was later captured October 7 barbaric attacks In the south of the country they acknowledge having received Orders from senior leaders of the organization to kill civilians.

During interrogation, they give their names and identify themselves as members of Hamas. They claim it is their mission “Kill the men and capture the women, old men and children”. They admit that they know that their assigned tasks involve massacring civilians.

They also consider one of the goals “victory” Kibbutzim (Agrarian communities in Israel) they experimented with. “Settle there,” they repeat as they are consulted by members of Israel’s security forces.

A Hamas terrorist questioned

One of the terrorists described how the attack took place on a house. “There was one Women. Hamson (Hamas member) shot at the door of the house. I saw her (the woman) on the ground, but I did not approach her. His dog went out. I shot him”.

He later confessed to indiscriminately killing a man in the garden of the house. “Was the civilian you killed armed?” they ask him. “No,” he says, and he shoots him dead “Two or three bullets in the chest”.

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“Then we started walking We set two houses on fire”, he notes. They all agree on symptoms including “infiltration”. Kibbutzim “To clean houses”.

“Kill to clear the houses,” they say.

Another terrorist reveals that senior Hamas leaders have promised Ten thousand dollars and an apartment for each hostage It will take them to Gaza.

Hamas members revealed that they were promised money and an apartment for each of the kidnapped hostages by senior officials of the group.

“In Gaza, people who bring in kidnapped or captured people get a stipend. An apartment and ten thousand dollarsOne of the terrorists says. “This is how it works in the El-Qassam brigade,” he adds.

“Clear houses and kidnap as many as you can” was the instruction.

They like kidnapped people, as much as possible. The purpose of our penetration for them Capture and kidnap as many people as possible“, explain.

Another of the terrorists confessed to being abducted A 15-year-old girl who took a “selfie” earlier with her.

“The young lady was standing and they took a selfie with her. Some asked to shoot him. Others said, ‘Don’t shoot her, kidnap her’. They took photos with her, someone took a selfie with her, and then put her on his motorcycle.” says a member of Hamas.

A Israeli hostage Published by Hamas Monday night, he said Attacked by terrorists What happened when she was taken to Gaza on October 7? “A Hell”.

Yocheved Lifshitz85, was one of two women released late Monday, so now they are 220 hostages In the hands of Hamas. He said he was beaten when he was abducted but later treated well during his two-week captivity in the Palestinian Territory.

Testimony of 85-year-old Yochved Lifshitz

“People attacked our houses. They beat people and took some hostages. They did not distinguish between small and large, and it was very painful. They took us to the entrance of the tunnels. We reached the tunnel and walked for miles in wet dirt. There is a giant tunnel system like spider webs,” he explained at the time of his arrest.

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A wheelchair-bound, frail-looking Lifshitz told reporters that a doctor had visited her while she was being held in a network of tunnels inside Gaza and that all her needs had been attended to.

“He is very articulate and loves to share information, Talk to the families of other hostages The people he was with,” his daughter said. Sharon In reports given to a British radio station BBC Radio 4.

“It was incredible to see my mother again,” he added, before referring to a video of Lifsitz’s release, in which you can see how Turns around and briefly shakes hands with a member of Hamas.

“The way he came out and said thank you was incredible. “It’s very much yours,” he highlighted.