December 8, 2023

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The 43-minute footage recorded by terrorists and their victims shows the carnage carried out by Hamas in real time.

The 43-minute footage recorded by terrorists and their victims shows the carnage carried out by Hamas in real time.
Conformity Videos Hamas Attack

(Special Envoy to Tel Aviv, Israel) Forty-three minutes of film was enough to reflect Massacre by Hamas in Israel. Source videos -Unedited- Compiled from GoPro devices seized from terrorists, cell phones belonging to Israelis killed in cold blood, and security cameras installed on kibbutzim and roads near Gaza. In those 43 minutes They break your soul and take your breath awayHamas expresses its intentions with emotionless rhetoric: They entered Israel killing, raping, beheading and kidnapping all humans they found in their path.

The video begins with images of four terrorists on two motorcycles and a gopro armed with an AK 47, while a car drives down a traffic-free road. It’s October 7th, dawn begins in the south of Israel. The terrorists targeted the windshield and killed the driver and the passenger. Another camera installed on the road shows one of the terrorists dragging his already dead comrade. He threw it on the side of the road. And finished it off with an AK 47 burst.

Next, another video shows how terrorists attack kibbutzim and seek to kill Jews. On the way they killed a dog that came out of a house to meet them. At that time, an internal camera in the kibbutz recorded a father with two boys, no older than ten. They heard the sound of pieces and the three of them tried to run towards the security room in their underwear. You can see how the father tries to take care of his children, but a terrorist finds them. It lasted a second: the fedayeen killed the father in front of his children, then pushed them into the living room of his family home. The boys cry and the terrorist opens the fridge and drinks a soda. immutable.

Mother let our mother come.says the younger son.

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-Why didn’t they kill me, why didn’t they kill me?-asks the other brother.

The film cuts out, and another video appears with the soldiers and the boys’ mother. The terrorists were still in the kibbutz, and the woman broke down at the sight of her dead husband. He didn’t want to leave the place, he didn’t want to leave him alone. She is dragged away by soldiers. The picture cuts out there.

In another video pasted below, terrorists appear near a truck. On its back are North Korea’s anti-tank grenades and home-made Hamas grenades. And on top of that are weapons, wounded abductees, and bloodied corpses. The living Jews were shocked. They assume they may die on their way to Gaza.

Unreleased video shown by Israel Defense Forces about Hamas attack on Israel

Other images show a group of Israelis. There they are greeted by Hamas fighters who kick and shout “Allah is great”. Near those hostages, on the side of the street, A few dead people lie near some parked cars.

Now, videos show murdered children, children inside forensic bags and a kibbutz house with their identification, and a large bloodstained trail. As the video cuts, a dozen corpses appear in a gazebo. Later, a road lined with abandoned cars – again – reveals the brutality of the terrorists: The dead inside are in the fetal position with their eyes open.

At minute 35, footage shows Israelis being killed and then set on fire. Bodies of all ages that have yet to be identified are charred. They are the anonymous dead.

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The video fades to black and the audio appears in Arabic: terrorists are heard talking to their parents in the Gaza Strip.

Mother killed ten Jews, I killed them with my hands. Allah is the powerful mother. “I killed ten Jews,” you hear.

“Where are you?” Mother replies. I came back safely.

– Yes mom. I killed ten Jews. I killed ten Jews. Check out my WhatsApp. Check my whatsapp…

Major General Michael Edelstein spent years fighting in the Gaza Strip and was in charge of briefings. Infobay and why other journalists produced a 43-minute video showing the carnage by Hamas.

Edelstein, a tough and long-seasoned general, admitted without flinching: “I’ve never seen anything like it.”