July 22, 2024

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The Boric government’s first visit to the Mapuche area was greeted by gunfire aimed into the air Chile’s interior minister, Iskia Cicero, was in Araucania, a region militarized by Pinara.

The Boric government’s first visit to the Mapuche area was greeted by gunfire aimed into the air  Chile’s interior minister, Iskia Cicero, was in Araucania, a region militarized by Pinara.

From Santiago

On the second business day of the new progressive government Gabriel Borick, The first crisis has already happened. Nothing less than the Temujiki community located in the middle of Erzilla வால்மாப்பு About 10 hours from Santiago. A Militarized zone During Sebastian Pinera’s outgoing government under the name “Macro Jonah Sur”. Interior Minister Iskia Cicero is scheduled to visit Democrat, the capital of Araucania, Father Marcelo was to meet Catrilanca Camilo CatrilancaA Mapuche community member was brutally murdered in 2018 from behind The same militarized police not only shocked the country but also set fire to the dissent that erupted during the social uprising on October 19 next year, for many.

At about 10:00, the Chic caravan was intercepted by a burning car, which cut off the road, with screams in the air and dozens of shots. It sprang up among the thousands of pine trees planted by large forestry companies. The minister, who was traveling in a car without armor and without major security arrangements (precisely contrary to the government’s signal to leave) was forced to seek refuge at the Erzilla sub-police station.

Whether it was a confrontation or something like that, it was a hostile act that, according to Cadrillanka, responded to the “highly improved” arrival. Despite the government’s efforts to tackle the crisis from Santiago, the video “attack” was soon released before the minister issued a statement appealing to the authority (“Whoever thinks he can intimidate Minister Chiss is wrong,” spokeswoman Camila Vallejo said – sparked all sorts of speculation on social media. It could be an attack by far-right groups in an area coordinated with the police.

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In fact, Communist Vice President Carol Carriola – Vallejo’s party partner – was one of the first to admit that “there were apparently unpredictable circumstances here.” Those who know the area — including Carbineros — know it Going to the Mapuche area is not the only thing comingS and there are some protocols that require some tricks, calling the community in advance, without notifying it through the media, happened in this case. Waving maple flags was as futile as an event in Santiago, and someone in the caravan tried to do it.

“Out of the Forest”

Alternative media such as Werkén Noticias – the Mapuche electronic newspaper – showed the canvas that the Temucuicui community had rejected the arrival of representatives of the war. “There will be no dialogue as long as there are Mappuche political prisoners. Camilo Katrillanka (sic) and all those who fell in the war in Valmabu, we will not accept any $ bribe from the murderous government. Out of the woods, latifundium. No more militarization. Mapuche protest, ”he prayed. The same media broadcast the film on CAM (coordinator Arauco Mallego), where they explained that “we are not going to negotiate or negotiate with the historical enemy.”

Apparently, while refusing to sit down and talk is not a position shared by the entire Mapuche population, it does create a rigorous verification of reality against a government that believed it would provide a clear signal for dialogue from the very first days of its establishment. After all, recent center-left governments like Bachelet’s have made a lot of promises and have been able to strengthen the extraction industry, which has done much damage to the region.

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In your message, Chichs He will tell the media that he did not hear anything and only heard the crash of the vehicle he was traveling in when he tried to go back. “I felt calm, apparently in a complicated environment,” he said. Finally Was able to meet Catri Lanka And uploading photos on social networks in an attempt to reduce the profile of the situation. On Twitter, he wrote, “Violence will not stop us.” A position shared by the government, but it was apparently used favorably by the opposition, including the defeated candidate Jose Antonio Cast. Exceptional status that could have been extended before Pinara left the government And it will last until March 26th.

While no one was injured, the move was a response to a signal from the government in an area where the far right is prevailing, while more radical groups of Mapuche people are trying to recover from their ancient, over-exploitation. Lands. Chic promised to come back And the government is evaluating how to see peace in the region because it seems that this type of gesture is not working.