December 2, 2023

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The moment Israeli security forces destroyed a section of the Hamas terror tunnel network in Gaza

The moment Israeli security forces destroyed a section of the Hamas terror tunnel network in Gaza
Drone video shows the IDF blowing up a Hamas tunnel network in Gaza

A video posted on the Internet shows Israel Defense Forces (FDI) Demolition a Subway network of Hamas Inside Pete HanounNorth of Gaza.

Drone images released by public broadcaster ConShow first A single burst before a series of synchronized bursts, apparently at all tunnel entrances discovered by the troops. A cloud of dust rises in the area.

It is not clear when this video was recorded, as it has not been officially released by the IDF.

Mine clearance is a key part of Israel’s military campaign against Hamas Gaza Strip In response to a deadly attack by a Palestinian militant group on southern Israel on October 7.

Recently, Israeli military engineers were seen filling in the passage after discovering what they described as the entrance to a Hamas tunnel under an evacuation hospital in northern Gaza. Explosive gel and activated the detonator.

Israeli army discovers tunnel of Hamas terrorists under Shifa hospital in Gaza

“The gel spread and there was an explosion waiting for us in the tunnel,” he said Reuters A military officer at a briefing at an army base JhelimIn southern Israel.

When not using explosives to dynamite bunkers and tunnels that both sides say run hundreds of kilometers beneath Gaza, the military Crawler robots And Other Remotely Operated Technologies

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“That’s where creativity and innovation come in.”said.

In Beit HanunWhere his forces were operating, he said, some gunmen attacked and killed Israeli army soldiers from tunnels.

Israel’s policy, he said, is not to send personnel in the other direction to confront Palestinian militants, who have a defensive advantage along narrow, dark, poorly ventilated and collapsible routes.

“We don’t want to go there. We know they have left a lot of side bombs (improvised explosive devices) with us,” he said.

One such bomb, planted in a ground-level tunnel access shaft casing, killed four Special Forces guards last week.

The Israeli army destroyed 130 tunnel shafts

According to security sources, Hamas has attack, smuggling and storage tunnels. Each tunnel can have dozens of shafts 20 to 80 meters deep.

Destroying the well is relatively easy and quick, the official added: “Any brigade can do it”.

Israel’s military said last week So far 130 wells have been destroyedBut how many tunnels were not demolished.

The Israeli army destroyed 130 tunnel shafts

Mines are very difficult to attack. The official said Tons of explosive gel He did not want to give technical details, other than to say that it is brought in by trucks – for every hundreds of meters of tunnel.

Post hoc analysis is difficult. The official said that half of the wells are in his operational area Pete Hanoun were destroyed, but it was recognized that these could be rebuilt.

“It is difficult to say how many mines (were destroyed) because they are all connected”said.

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Hamas has denied using hospitals as cover for such tunnels. It has rejected Israel’s claims that it has a command center under Gaza’s largest hospital. Al ShifaIsraeli forces entered on Wednesday.

Hamas took over Gaza 240 people were captured in the October 7 attackAccording to Israel, about 1,200 people died. One of the few freed hostages said he and at least two dozen others were trapped in a tunnel.

“We are making sure that there is no danger to the tunnels where the hostages may be,” said the army official.

“Sometimes we get tips that (a target) may be related to hostages. And then we know we shouldn’t attack it unless they give us the go-ahead (clear),” he said.

Mines were discovered during ground operations in the Gaza Strip

Like much of northern Gaza, Beit Hanun It was emptied of civilians who fled south on Israel’s orders when ground troops were sent in to topple Hamas.

“Only the terrorists are left”The official said, sometimes detonating a tunnel causes a secondary explosion “It’s a building collapsing a few hundred meters away.”

There are captured Palestinian gunmen provided Israel with information on the tunnel network; He said, but this information is limited.

“Most people don’t know the whole city. But they know their hometown and they know the subway system very well,” the official said.

Destroying Gaza’s entire underground network could take months, the official said.

“I think it’s more complicated than the New York subway.”He said.