December 8, 2023

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Ukraine killed nearly 1,200 Russian soldiers during weekend fighting

Ukraine killed nearly 1,200 Russian soldiers during weekend fighting
A file photo of a badly damaged Russian tank in the Kubiansk district. EFE/EPA/SERGEY KOZLOV

Ukraine’s armed forces said on Sunday they had killed nearly 1,200 Russian soldiers in the last day of recorded fighting within the framework of the February 2022 invasion of the country, which was launched on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army indicated in a statement published on its account on the social network Facebook In the past 24 hours, 1,190 Russian soldiers died, bringing the number of Russian soldiers killed in combat since the beginning of the invasion to “about 318,570”..

Likewise, he emphasized At the outbreak of the conflict, 5,435 battle tanks, 7,744 artillery systems, 588 air defense systems, 323 aircraft, 324 helicopters, 5,755 drones, 22 boats and one submarine were destroyed.

Independent Russian news portal Midzone It brings the total number of deaths to 37,052, including 1,272 in the past 15 days, which it considers “confirmed” through publicly available data, a work carried out in collaboration with British television networks. BBC.

Besides, The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army has accused Russia of “constantly ignoring the laws of war using terrorist tactics.” With its attacks against “numerous civilian targets across Ukraine.” Likewise, he insisted on late hours on weekends They recorded 71 engagements between the two armies.

Independent Russian news website Mediazona put the total death toll at 37,052, including 1,272 in the past 15 days. Kay Nietfeldt/TBA

“The invaders continue to try to encircle Advivka,” he noted, while stressing that “Ukrainian soldiers are holding their positions and inflicting heavy losses on the enemy.” “Enemy offensive operations have failed east of Keramik, Novobajmutivka, Stepove and Avdiivka,” all of which are in Donetsk province (east).

In this sense, he stressed that his forces “continue their offensive operations in Melitopol” while “they continue to maintain positions on the left bank of the Dnieper River”, which they approached in recent days after the offensive in the area.

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Finally, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army confirmed that six explosions were carried out during the day on Saturday against “concentration points of enemy troops” and three “command positions”, artillery systems and an ammunition depot. Russian invaders.”

The government of Ukraine said that they are this Friday The number of captured Ukrainian citizens was 4,337 Russian troops, of whom 763 are civilians, and the rest are all military.

The figures are compiled by a commission in operation from November 19, 2022, which depends on this Ministry of Reunification of the Occupied Territories of Ukraine, Formed after the invasion began on February 24 of the same year.

The commission, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk, reported that they were already there 1,953 people were releasedAccording to a statement posted on the ministry’s Facebook page.

(with information from Europa Press)