February 24, 2024

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The ruling party, caught in its microclimate: turns to onslaught against the court and worsens the economic front.

The ruling party, caught in its microclimate: turns to onslaught against the court and worsens the economic front.
Senate session, chaired by CFK. The ruling party will try to push ahead with the reform agenda of the judiciary

A dismissive and confusing question. The ruling party’s renewed attack on the Supreme Court compounds these two externalities. This is an attack It was opposed by most of the opposition parties – It reinforces that he has a small chance in Congress- and for that reason, he adds Political alert Against the insistence of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Alberto Fernandez. Do they want to close ranks in the face of fears of decline or drastic adjustment? Is it a debatable resource in dealing with crisis? In any case, it reflects the degree of internal confinement rather than recording It exacerbates the main focus of its own tensions: the economy.

The official speech replaced the court in the first lines of a broad list that included Martin Guzmán. It is a combination of elements on which various charges can be discharged. Govt reveals A very delicate state of accounts, almost pessimism, but Silvina Patakis would have just been warned at the start of her administration. The former minister, polished for months by Kirchnerism, was pointed out in these hours from Olivos for harsh and unsuccessful food operations to take accounting in accordance with the commitments considered before the IMF.

But the seriousness of the anti-justice – CFK’s tweets were not limited to the court and exposed the Validado case as key data- It is striking for several elements: the main one is its horizon of practical failure.

Legislators united for change.  They also announced that they would reject the plan to expand the court
Legislators united for change. They also announced that they would reject the plan to expand the court

CFK dedicated two videos to his disqualification and demand. “From the Model Court to the Court of Four: A Brief Chronicle of Degeneracy”, general title. It was reiterated that the process of “political, judicial and media persecution” was created during the government of Mauricio Macri. And that’s the end A new court should be set up. The President joined a day later. said “Our justice is corrupt” and “urgent reform” is necessary.

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Almost immediately, it emerged as the ruling party He will try to move forward by the end of the month with a court expansion plan left on the Senate’s waiting list.. It was systematically promoted by the PJ governors and, strictly speaking, driven by Kirchnerism. He proposes to increase the number of members of the court to 25.

It’s a plan Ambiguous in many ways. In the first place, the Interblog of the Frente de Todos, which reports incessantly to the former president, The number should be guaranteed He failed a few weeks ago to take him to campus. As in other cases, the account said the ruling party would reach the adjusted figure by adding allies. You have to work in that order and solve some unexpected domestic problems. I thought I could do it. And then there is nothing to indicate that you can successfully go through the procedure on reps.

Even if it passes the lower house test, the plan exposes other problems. The first of them, The Uncertainty In implementing it with a “federal” spirit – that is, the distribution With governors, especially their promoters and “gender equality”. The second issue, and more powerful, A two-thirds vote is required to appoint new members of the court.

The revelation of the fold adds a rebellious slogan from the ruling party: Condemnation An attempt to “ban” CFK through judicial “action” with a terminal in court. The time of righteousness is known. To stay away from the election game, the former president to face the ultimate punishment. Such cases, such as Vialidad, usually end up in court after appeals and appeals, the Federal Oral Court and the Chamber of Jurisdiction and Cassation levels. At least, nothing suggests such a trip to the next election.

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Everything points to a revival of the Court’s reform program and a revival of the spirit of prohibition. Movement pieces of pure art. The issue boils down to two questions: Why are CFK and the President returning to this show now? What message do they convey?

A more widespread description in situations such as serious collapse of management Basic and unsustainable in the face of the depth of the crisis: Action to change public agenda. Rather, it seems to be an attempt to protect itself against a worsening economic and social picture, with a well-known construct: A representative of close teams, forces against a giant enemy. Avoid scattering from an election perspective.

At the same time, in internal force, Another sign of a visible project of reverse power. Initiative against the Court – ie, against another authority of the State – The motor is driven by the Vice President and the President follows. reverse, The President expects the Vice President to verify the guidelines announced by PatakisOne that had no public exposure at the time.

Taken as a whole, it represents an attack against a higher standard of justice A bad sign in organizational terms, even with little or no chance of her being crowned. And alignment behind CFK -its veto and pull-ability- Shows the state of being in power.

Overall, these are very important political data, marked by a rising dollar and inflation as the most corrosive elements. There is nothing that creates certainty or “commits the markets”. That is the intention of the government itself in the Prime Minister of Economy.

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