September 26, 2023

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There have been eleven deaths and 144 cases of Legionella in Poland

There have been eleven deaths and 144 cases of Legionella in Poland

The death toll from a legionellosis epidemic in Rzeszow, southeastern Poland, has risen to eleven, health officials said today.

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“We have confirmed 144 cases [de contaminaci√≥n] And eleven critical cases,” he told reporters Adam SidorDistrict Health Inspector.

The deceased ranged in age from 64 to 95 years, and all suffered from other chronic diseases.

The Legionella A bacteria that thrives in domestic hot water systems and causes severe respiratory problems.

“We are looking for the source of the contamination. We are considering the contamination of the hot and cold water supply network,” he said. Cider.

This weekend, officials rzeszowThe city, home to around 200,000 people, undertook a thorough disinfection of its entire health network.

The Legionella, or Legionnaires’ disease, is a serious bacterial lung infection. Contamination can occur through the respiratory tract by inhaling the bacteria, through water, or through air conditioning. The disease does not spread from person to person.

The infection, which has an incubation period of two to ten days, takes its name from the first outbreak in 1976. Hotel in Philadelphia, USA, the convention of the American Legion, the main association of veterans in the country, was held. 34 people died.

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