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They order the detention of a Mexican accused of being the boss of the Kirchners’ secretary.

They order the detention of a Mexican accused of being the boss of the Kirchners’ secretary.

Federal judge Julian Ercolini He commanded Pretrial detention for money laundering To the Mexican lawyer Isaac Esparza HidalgoRecently deported from Mexico Former secretary of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner, figure of the late Daniel MuñozAs he was placed as the owner of the companies used for acquisition 30 million dollars for about 40 hectares By sea in exotic Caribbean islands Turks & Caicos, They planned to build a luxury hotel complex there.

Esparza Hidalgo was jailed without bail on a money-laundering conviction, according to a judicial ruling to which she pleaded guilty Nation. Judge Ercolini explained in 80 pages how Daniel Muñoz’s wealth was used to invest hundreds of millions of pesos in Argentina and abroad. Over 70 million dollars.

The case was separated from the “bribery memos” case, where the judge noted that “It was possible to prove the existence of a criminal organization from the top officials of the executive power of the nation. and the erstwhile Union Ministry of Planning, Public Investment and Services, between May 25, 2003 and December 9, 2015, devised a mechanism to collect illegal money to enrich themselves illegally and to allocate it for the commission of other crimes. ”.

Carolina Bocchetti appeared with her husband in various societiesFile, archive

Munoz, the judge said “A key gear for accumulating and exchanging money [en el caso de los cuadernos de las coimas] Heads of the Executive BranchEspecially regarding Illegal Fundraising (Muñoz was able to identify over sixty deliveries personally received)Its recommendation to employers and organizers (weekly transfer of money in suitcases and official flights of the Presidential Air Group from the Military Department of the “Jorge Newberry” Metropolitan Airport of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to Rio Gallegos and El Calafate airportsin Santa Cruz County) or use those funds for other criminal activities.

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Muñoz, who served as secretary between 2003 and 2009 as assistant secretary, personal secretary to the president, and later as adviser to the president, received part of the funds during the Nestor and Cristina Kirchner governments. Munoz passed away on May 25, 2016.

Maria Elizabeth Ortiz Munigai
Maria Elizabeth Ortiz MunigaiEmiliano Lasalvia – Nation

Muñoz’s funds, a bribe collection product, were invested in Argentina and abroad. At trial, Munoz’s wife, Carolina BocchettiHis relatives Sergio Todisco, Elizabeth Ortiz Munigai and Carlos Cortes. They are also mentioned in motion Carlos Gellert (son of former Kirchner Congresswoman Blanca Blanco and stepson of former Santa Cruz Governor Daniel Peralta), Perla Puente Resentes, Ricardo BarreiroDaniel Blanco, Stella Marys Blanco, Gustavo DorfLuis Gugino, Leonardo Laneza, Ruben Laneza, former accountant of Kirchners Victor ManzanaresAccording to Ercolini, Franco Muñoz, Maria Jesus Blow, Miguel Angel Blow, Mauro Prophetico, Alejandrina Bocchetti, Pablo Rice, Roberto Sousa and Federico Zabucic.

The judge alleges that he interfered in the constitution of the companies and in the procurement of goods. The chapter that the judge addresses in detail is foreign investment that occurred at two levels: First they set up companies in the United States and the Virgin Islands and purchased at least sixteen properties, 14 in Miami and two in New York, to hide the illicit source of the money..

Sergio Todisco is accused of being a key figure in the late Daniel Muñoz
Sergio Todisco is accused of being a key figure in the late Daniel MuñozFile, archive

A $12 million property in apartments in Miami, another apartment in a condominium for nearly a million dollars; Another for $3.8 million and one for $10.7 million. They purchased buildings, apartments, shopping centers and up to two units of the Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue: Unit 1608, for which $1,850,000 was paid on September 22, 2010; and Unit 607, priced at $13,050,000. All the assets together are about 70 million dollars.

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A second phase of action began in 2015 and 2016 when the Panama Papers case broke. And who is behind the companies with offshore accounts. The organization decided to shift its business to the Caribbean islands to build a luxury resort by the sea in Turks & Caicos, part of the Six Senses resort chain. Only $30 million was paid for the land The deal is worth $500 million upon completionA person involved in the case said.

US companies were liquidated, assets were sold and money was diverted to different accounts in different jurisdictions overseas. The maneuver accelerated after Muñoz’s death in May 2016.

Isidro Bounine
Isidro BounineTelam – Archive

That’s when they joined the action Jorge Isidro Baltazar BounineKirchner was another of the secretaries; Juan Manuel Campillo, Former Secretary of the Treasury of Santa Cruz; Michelangelo Blow and foreign lawyers Charles Simon Sefaty, Jorge de la Hoz, Peter Karam, Robert D’Aniello and Sean Lawrence Sullivan.

Esparza Hildalgo, a Mexican known to Gellert, who was a relative of the Muñoz family, also entered. The controlling companies they held abroad were kept in their names. Gold Black Limited and Old Wolf Limited, and two Turks & Caicos companies: Marble Hill LTD and Woodhaven LTD. They transferred the shares of Pochetti and Puente Resendez to him.

Since he cannot justify his assets to own these companies, he “Trustee” took advantage of his attorney status by running Marble Hill and Woodhaven LTD businesses in Turks & Caicos. Therefore, although he is registered as the owner of the companies in the British Virgin Islands, Esparza was given a “trust” of shares in the last two companies, not as an owner.

Turks & Caicos
Turks & CaicosShutterstock

The objective of the investment project on the island was to create a tourist, real estate and hotel complex, which had to obtain permission from the local government as it was a protected area. Negotiations for the execution of the project were entrusted to Sean Lawrence Sullivan, who recommended the lawyer arm and met with Carolina Bocchetti in Miami.

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A) Yes, Esparza Hidalgo purchased four plots of ten hectares each to build the complex.. The parcels came from a company controlled by Sullivan.

The judge said Esparza Hildalco’s image and funds from the liquidation of Daniel Muñoz’s estate in the United States were his share of the application in the Caribbean. “Repentant” was first pointed out by Carolina Bocchetti and Carlos Gellert.

One of Daniel Munoz's Miami properties
One of Daniel Munoz’s Miami properties

A portion of the proceeds of the criminal intrigues perpetrated by the illegal association and received by Muñoz was circulated in the market to appear legitimate. These actions and the association that created them are the subject of this case. Esparza Hildago has been credited with maneuvers involving the consolidation of companies, the purchase and sale of real estate, and the use of investments abroad, externalization of funds, and placement of assets in the name of predecessors. “All of this gives a superficially legal appearance to make it difficult to trace Muñoz’s illegal money used for all these investments and to hide its true origin.”, wrote Ercolini.

The object of the crime was money received from the illegal collection scheme mandated from the National Executive Authority specifically the Ministry of Planning between 2003 and 2015.

Munoz’s $70 million was lost and nothing was known about him.. Defendants claim they were held by prosecutors. At the request of an Argentine judge in 2019, only a small portion of the investment in the Turco & Caicos plots could be frozen. But only one of the four layers is disabled.

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