December 5, 2023

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UBA Consolidated into the Best University in Latin America | According to the QS rankings

UBA Consolidated into the Best University in Latin America |  According to the QS rankings

The University of Buenos Aires (UBA) QS ranked 67th globally, Produced by a British consulting firm Quakerly SymondsY Consolidated into a leading company for the eighth consecutive year in Euro-America. According to a report released this Wednesday, it is the only public, mass and free university in the top positions. Meanwhile, the Catholic University of Argentina ranked second globally in Argentina (322nd), followed by the University of Palermo (391st), the University of Australia (400th) and the University of Belgrano (465th).

Year after year QS Evaluates research, teaching quality, reputation with employers and internationalization, And its results are widely consulted by companies that employ professionals when choosing where to study around the world. For this edition, 1673 universities from around the world were evaluated, and UBA’s growth is explained by its good performance in two indicators in the QS rankings: Inside Educational reputationIt evaluates the opinions of scientists around the world about the best companies based on research. 44th place Worldwide, with a score of 90.2

In the meantime, in Employer’s reputation indicatorMeasuring the perceptions of employers around the world about the companies that provide the best professionals, Ranked 40th and scored 93.4. According to the report, “employers overestimate Argentine graduates.”

Since 2014, UBA has recorded a systematic improvement in international ratings, Climb 142 levels, From 209th place – seven years ago – to 67th place now. “This development is made possible by the policies implemented In recent years, etc. Increased support for research projects in strategic areas, The development of a network of exchanges and internationalization events between teachers, students and researchers plays an important role in transforming technology with the productive sector and innovating in technology and teaching, ”he explained. Alberto Barbieri, Rector of the UBA since 2014.

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He added: “This recognition is made possible by students, teachers, researchers and non-teachers. They maintain the academic potential of this university through their daily work”.

Other universities

UBA ranks 67th, the best mark it has achieved in its history, Classification measuring 1,418 study homes from 100 countries. In this way, It is positioned above companies in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. They are followed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (104), the University of San Pablo (115) and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (121).

In terms of nationality The university that follows the UBA is UCA, which ranks 322, And the list goes on: University of Palermo (391), Australia (400), Belgrano (465), National University of La Plata, Buenos Aires (601-650), ITBA and San Andres (701- 750), University of Torquado de Della (751) -800), Cோrdoba National University (801-1000).

Globally, the world rankings are led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), followed by Oxford, Stanford, Cambridge, Harvard, the California Institute of Technology, Imperial College London, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, University College London and the University of Chicago.