April 13, 2024

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Ultra-conservative Spanish priests pray for Pope's death | In a broadcast on YouTube, Francisco was asked to “go to heaven as soon as possible.”

Ultra-conservative Spanish priests pray for Pope's death |  In a broadcast on YouTube, Francisco was asked to “go to heaven as soon as possible.”

In Spain, a group of ultra-conservative priests unleashed a scandal by wishing Pope Francis dead. In a broadcast on the YouTube platform. “I pray a lot for the Pope so that he can go to heaven soon”said Gabriel Calvo Zarrat, priest of the Archdiocese of Toledo, to laughter from his companions. The controversy that was unleashed on social media led religious people to recognize it as a “comment in bad taste”. The truth deserves the Archbishop of Toledo's rejection.

“Let's see if we pray hard”

On February 22, controversial statements were made in a meeting on YouTube called “The Sacristy of the Vendée. A Counter-Revolutionary Priestly Meeting” directed by priest Francisco José Delgado Martin from Toledo. At the beginning of the broadcast, Father Calvo Zaraut said: “Hello everyone, dear friends. Welcome to the humble tomb of Christ the King, the Hispanic counter-revolution and the defense of the Catholic tradition. I pray for the Pope too, so that I can go to heaven as soon as possible.”

Faced with these words, the American priest Charles Moore said: “I join in the prayers of Father Gabriel for the Holy Father.” Calvo Zarraute replied: “There are many of us with that intention.” The moderator of the conversation added: “Let's see if we pray hard,” at the same time Mexican father Juan Razo He noted: “I'm like Father Murr. Atm. Full speed ahead.”. Digital media Newspaper He recalled that the Rev. Delgado Martin was one of the priests who promoted a petition asking the Pope to revoke the permission to bless same-sex couples.

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“Unfortunate Comment”

The organizers of the talk, through their account on social network X, joked that they were “regretful for the unfortunate comment” after a controversy erupted on social networks where users highlighted that priests wanted Francis dead. Tone”, “Praying that the Pope will go to heaven soon”.

“It is a comment in bad taste and, although it does not express wishes for the Pope's death, we understand that it can be interpreted that way because some media spread it maliciously,” the forum participants agreed. They showed their “attachment” to Francis and rejected “attacks against those who deny the unity of the Pope and the Church and the legitimacy of the Pope's ministry”, while they assured him that “the existence pains them”. Simple souls can be confused.” He finds “edification and consolation” in his talks.

“We worry that we may have confused or scandalized them.”The regretful priests warned of the “problems” caused to their respective bishops in the “coming of concerted protests” by these measures, although they added: “It will not be bad for those who appreciate our work to express , if they see fit, their support”.

A strong rejection of the archbishop

In a press release, the archbishop of Toledo expressed his “deep rejection of any expression of displeasure with the person and ministry of the Holy Father” and announced that he had informed priests of the need to apologize for such statements. “They harm the unity of the Church and slander the people of God”. The archbishop warned, “Those who are called to be servants of Christ, in the service of unity and evangelical life in the Church, exclude all behavior contrary to their position and other corrective measures are not excluded.”

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He also pointed out that he is not responsible for the statements published on that YouTube channel, which “in no way represent the line of communication of a particular Church” and reiterated “calls for efficient and effective unity”. Both Archbishop Francisco Cerro Chaves of Toledo and Vice-Chancellor Cesar Garcia Magon have been popes in recent months.