February 24, 2024

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Vladimir Putin considers Russian defeat in war against Ukraine “impossible”: “It will never happen”

Vladimir Putin considers Russian defeat in war against Ukraine “impossible”: “It will never happen”

to Vladimir Putin, A failure Russia's unleashed war Invading Ukraine “Impossible” and “Never Happening”. This is how the Russian president defined it in an interview with American news anchor and ultra-conservative Tucker Carlson, published Thursday and recorded Tuesday in Moscow.

“There has been an uproar (…) about it inflicts a strategic defeat on Russia On the battlefield,” Putin introduced: “In my opinion, that's impossible by definition. It will never happen.”

Since the beginning of the armed struggle, there have been speculations about it In other countries were also in the region military targets As for Moscow, the Russian president He rejected it Absolutely.

“We don't have it Not interested in Poland, Latvia or anywhere else. Why should we do that? We have no interest… this is absolutely out of the question,” Putin said.

In the context of war, the Kremlin Bridges with Washington are not closed As for Ukraine. Putin stressed that both countriesKeep in touch” About. He said that he informed the United States If it stops supplying arms to kyivAgreements may be reached and the war may end Complete in “a few weeks”..

Putin said he was Ready to negotiate in UkraineBut its leader, Volodymyr Zelensky “Signed An order prohibiting anyone from negotiating with Russia (Because) it obeys the advice of the West.

The His regime's tension with the United States It remains part of the reference Two hours -The Putin delivers first for a Western media outlet – and spread across Carlson's social networks. Although he did not mention the candidate directly Donald Trump It advanced the US electoral process by denying that the relationship between the two powers depended on a change in the presidency in Washington.

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Putin considered this connection — or lack thereof, strictly speaking — to be more related to what he defined America's “Idea of ​​Hegemony” Around the World. “It's not about who's the leader or the personality of a particular person, but about elites: it's the idea of ​​dominance. At all costs based on the dominant forces of American society,” he said.

It was the closest he got to a reference to Trump, beyond acknowledging that he was with the former Republican president A good “personal relationship”. Carlson did not press that point, thus avoiding another Russian meddling in US domestic politics, following suspicions and inquiries about his role in the victory that brought the president to the White House.

Putin admitted to having a “good relationship” with George Bush Jr., “and I also had a personal relationship with (Donald) Trump“, though he insisted on removing weight and significance from the names.

The iron-fisted Russian ruler allowed himself to offer his vision of America: “It is a Complicated country. To be conservative on the one hand and to change at full speed on the other… is not easy to understand.” And he allowed a certain confusion – not innocence – of his complexity to show. Election system:

Tucker Carlson refrained from insisting in his interview with Vladimir Putin about the definitions of his friend Donald Trump. Reuters photo

Carlson was expected to ask in this interview More emphasis on TrumpWho is a politician? Very close to himBut both the interviewer and the interviewee avoided it and the Russian president, with this, did not – as feared would happen – deliver predictable messages. Intervention in upcoming elections November Americans.

Vladimir Putin praised Elon Musk but considered him a “threat” and called for artificial intelligence to be regulated.

In an interview with ultraconservative American journalist Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin said: Look at entrepreneur Elon Musk A person and businessman “Irresistible” and argued for an “international agreement” to regulate Artificial intelligence (AI).

This was said by the head of the Kremlin Genetic research is a threat For humanity, “it is now possible to create a superhuman,” Kasturi later commented, “already implanting a chip in the human brain in America.”

Vladimir Putin received Tucker Carlson in Moscow on February 6.  Reuters photoVladimir Putin received Tucker Carlson in Moscow on February 6. Reuters photo

“I think so Elon Musk is unstoppable, he will do what he deems necessary. However, they must find common ground with him, Find ways to persuade him. I think he is truly a genius. So they have to reach an agreement with him because the process is formalized and subject to certain rules,” he said.

Putin said a “rough estimate of what will happen” could be made with the development Genetics and AI Remembers the case Nuclear weaponsIt progressed until nations agreed to stop their careless use, understanding that it would lead to destruction.

Elon Musk, a genius and a global threat, according to Vladimir Putin.  Photo by Gonzalo FuentesElon Musk, a genius and a global threat, according to Vladimir Putin. Photo by Gonzalo Fuentes

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