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What happens to classes in schools?

What happens to classes in schools?

The World Cup is just a few hours away and everyone seems to be gearing up for it. Schools are not far away and, in many cases, are looking for a better way Make the most of the football event academically That leaves Argentina in arrears for a month. What are the jurisdictional proposals? Can you watch sports at school? What happens to those who arrive late or want to leave early when the national team is playing?

“Girls and boys ask to watch the games, they have the same right as all Argentines. “We believe this is a great opportunity to spark interest and combine ethics training, history, social science, geography, literature or mathematics,” said the nation’s Minister of Education, Jaime Persik. And he added: “We are convinced that school is the best place for them to be and that is why we encourage them to give. Educational content for the World Cup”.

In this line, the matter was brought up as an item on the agenda for the Central Education Council, but it was decided. Clarion From the National Education Portfolio. Finally, “Each province and jurisdiction will determine its enforcementThere is no academic descent from the nation”, they clarified.

What do they do in Buenos Aires schools?

From the city they explained to this newspaper, “Watching national team matches in schools Every organization has a definition And it will be at the discretion of each driving team”.

Buenos Aires Ministry of Education You’re not going to facilitate the process by putting screens or bringing televisions to schoolsBut watching sports is not going to be banned”, they highlighted.

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Decisions on Latecomers and absentees for matches They are at the discretion of each school, as specified by City Education.

Additionally, they commented, “The city already has schools They are serving the subject as teaching material”.

Among them, School 21 of School District 5 in Nueva Pompeia has two programs linked to the World Cup. On the one hand, the boys rewrote the lyrics of Queen’s song “We Will Rock You” as part of a project organized by the music teacher, and they all found new lyrics. They will rehearse and sing among all the school students.

The second proposition is related A communication with students at a school in Mexico via video call When the Argentina national team plays against that country. The idea is that they can They exchange information about their culture and greet each other.

What do they do in provincial schools?

In the province of Buenos Aires they presented two attempts to face the World Cup from the classroom.

On the one hand, the so-called microsite “Wonderful Goal, World Cup at School” It will also have teaching and interactive proposals, conversations with sports-related personalities and a space to expose the experiences and work activities developed by schools linked to the World Cup.

As they pointed out, it is already online A talk with the national team’s physical trainer at the 2014 World Cup in BrazilWhite milk. In turn, other meetings are scheduled with Viviana Vila, a commentator for the 2018 Russia World Cup, and Pedro Troglio, a member of the Argentina national team at the 1990 Italy World Cup.

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They will also provide materials within the framework of the project “World Cup in Schools”, work revealed by Canal Encuentro, Pakapaka and DeporTV. These are audiovisual products that provide teachers and students with tools on this topic. Among them, they will present “Sucesos mundiales”, “El Mundial y yo” and “Gen Mundial”.

Between the two propositions, they will specify The role of women in Argentine football And the memories and family rituals attached to the World Cup. They will also get a chance to speak Mathematics and football (number of jerseys, number of goals and scores), using elements such as positions and positions on the pitch, Geography and History of QatarTime Zones and Time Difference, World Cups in English, Art and Football, and Habits and practices are key to comprehensive sexuality education.

“The World Cup as a stimulus can be analyzed as a reality and aspects that impact society Historical, mathematical, cultural, geographical, religiousAccessing the students with different levels of complexity according to their age”, said Alberto Silioni, in charge of the General Directorate of Culture and Education of the province.

The Undersecretary of Education of Buenos Aires presented this “Classes will be held as usual During normal school operations during the build-up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

But they allowed both public and private schools to be organized.Watch sports broadcasts of matches played by the national team within institutions” and they gave the OK for “students to enter at the end of competitive play” or to withdraw early.

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The appearance of an expert

Guillermina Tiramonti, FLACSO researcher and expert in education, says schools They need to develop a plan Students should use games to consolidate knowledge on various topics.

“The most obvious might be geography: where each of the teams comes from. Another might be the history of soccer’s development. However, principles and ideas such as that about Very limited rules and it’s a game You have to respect them to participate”, Drumondi explains.

To achieve this, he affirms, “schools must have enough autonomy to organize their school day including this topic, which does not mean wasting time”. Capitalize on kids’ enthusiasm for the World Cup So they can continue to learn.”


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