May 21, 2024

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WhatsApp numbers: What is “520” and why is it causing such a stir?

WhatsApp numbers: What is “520” and why is it causing such a stir?

WhatsApp continues its evolutionary process. The application developed by Meta began to excel a few years ago with a new way of communicating with the world with news. From basic text, to audios, images and files that are more complex to read, The most recognized instant messaging app And used by people all over the planet.

From its inception till now, the functions have improved and new generations are coming to WhatsApp and trying to implement the new usage model with their speech and interaction methods. One of the changes in communication is the use of numbers. as? Give each number a word and when combined, make a sentence.

“520” means the most frequently used number on WhatsApp

The meaning of the number was known, in a practice that became customary and secret code among younger people. “520” If it is used in a conversation. It’s like a math exercise, by dividing in terms, Number 5 forms the phrase “I”, 2 “Love” and finally, 0, the remaining “You”.. After combining each part, it means “i love you“, a word translated into Spanish means “i love you”.

From its inception till now, WhatsApp functionality has been improving and evolving.freepik

With its ever-increasing popularity, This new mode of communication began to gain more and more ground In the Asian continent, users, especially ChinaThey often use it to convey all their feelings to a person.

Even if the message is sent to a person, WhatsApp created groups where friends and family can be added to its presenceTo that extent the message may have multiple recipients.

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Talking about numbers is not just about love and happiness on WhatsApp. Users also go a long way Give them different meanings and give them a wider meaning This way of communicating with other people.

Since “520” means “I love you,” it was sought after to include times of the day to express feelings. In this case, 11:11 became a way of predicting good omens for one’s personal life.

11:11 refers to a person’s moodElcomercio (Peru) Elcomercio (Peru)

Thus, 11:11 is linked to the spiritual world as many users share this number – a numerological coincidence – with the intention of fulfilling a wish or goal.That’s why it has a mission aimed entirely at mindset.

On the other hand, another number that has become popular among users of the messaging service 1437. Based on the English language, “1” means “I (yo)”, “4” means “love (amo)”, “3” means “you (vos)” and “7”, “forever (forever)”, means they The text you want to send is a love phrase: “I Love You Forever”.