September 29, 2023

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Xbox Series X Console Wrap: Pre-Order Place

Xbox Series X Console Wrap: Pre-Order Place

Gamers will soon have a unique masking accessory for their Xbox Series X. Microsoft has revealed a small set of Xbox Series X console covers, designed to provide a more vibrant aesthetic for the obelisk-like console. The $44.99 covers are currently available for pre-order from either Microsoft Store North Pole or metallic camouflage Options. It is scheduled to be shipped by November 10 starfield– Theme The console wrap is also available for pre-order for $49.99 and will be available soon on October 18th.

Xbox Series X skins are available from third party makers such as Debrand. Microsoft The official option Different in that it is not always meant to be and appears to be a lot Easier to apply. Each coil wraps around the console, with what Microsoft calls a “hook and loop” enclosure, keeping it in place around the back of the Series X. The shell features slots on the front for the power button and disk access, while the back provides free space for fans, cords, and expansion cards. Microsoft cleverly included small standoffs at the bottom of each shell to keep it from blocking the console’s ventilation.

While color options were somewhat limited at launch, it’s still great to see Microsoft offer an official option to customize their consoles, especially for anyone missing the days of Xbox 360 faceplates. Oh, and sorry, Series S owners. That’s one. Only for Series X.

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