December 1, 2023

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4 Berkeley teens fall victim to Taylor Swift’s $1,200 scam

4 Berkeley teens fall victim to Taylor Swift’s $1,200 scam

Thousands of Swifties were packed inside Ford Field For one of Taylor Swift’s two concerts in Detroit.

However, four teenagers were not among them Berkeley After falling victim to a $1,200 ticket scam.

“This is the first time I can’t get tickets to a concert,” said one of the girl’s mothers, Lisa Turner.

Turner went to Craigslist and found four tickets for Taylor Swift’s Friday (June 9) show at Ford Field.

It was $300 apiece.

“(The seller) had a big story about why he couldn’t use the tickets and wanted them in the hands of fans,” Toner said.

The seller sent her the first ticket before Turner sent the payment.

“I thought I was then blocking the scams I’d heard about,” Turner said.

He transferred four tickets to her Apple Wallet for $1,200. The teens were thrilled when their parents told them they were going to a party on Friday.

Then the tears came.

One girl said, “There was crying when we found out we had them and then we cried when we found out we didn’t have them.”

Turner sensed something was off and took the tickets to the Ford Field box office on Thursday for verification.

“They actually got the phone back and had to look it up on their computer system, bring in moderators, and said it was some of the best tickets they’d ever seen, but it was a fake,” Turner said.

Turner filed a police report and filed a complaint with Venmo and her bank.

In the end, it was the girls who lost the most because they were on the hook for money.

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One of the girls said, “Now it seems so disappointing that we have to work for all this money that we got nothing for.”

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