September 26, 2023

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Dominant Media Against Chilean Constitutional Change | Comment

Dominant Media Against Chilean Constitutional Change |  Comment

The Constitutional reform That Chile will go to the polls on September 4 A reached International relief Perhaps it was not foreseen in the preamble to the call for a constitutional convention, in the conflicting days of a more degenerate government. Sebastian Pinera.

In this sense, to change a new legal and regulatory framework 1980 Constitution Pinochet as an obvious manifestation of dictatorship; New proposals emerging from Social movements and innovative political parties in a changing political environment and above all, at least from an identity point of view, a set of concrete measures Bend neoliberalism Precisely in the country where this model was first used, they are elements that have attracted special attention only in Chile and Latin America.

Thus, for months, several publications with a large international circulation echoed the debates and conflicts currently tearing Chilean politics apart. mass media and concept formation Time Y Newsweek, or academic journals such as Foreign policyVarious analyzes of the new constitutional proposal have been published, generally with a negative nature.

Of course, this critical view is not naïve, and reveals the limitations that reform of this character can bring to central, increasingly complex economies.

A factor that undoubtedly stands out Overall campaign Against the ratification of the Chilean constitutional reform, elaborated from the British Journal Economist, Since its foundation, almost 180 years ago, it has been one of the most important spokesmen of liberalism and, therefore, one of the main promoters of free enterprise and the free market in Great Britain, but anywhere in the world.

Against this backdrop, it is clear that any article or editorial published by this widely distributed medium defies the simple opinion of a journalist or expert. Simple opinion texts are automatically converted into value judgments around conceptual premises International organizationHe is a staunch defender of the free market, but at the same time, dismissive of any attempt to question (or contradict) the central axes of the market and the liberal system.

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March 19 speech entitled “Chile’s new president won from the left. Can he rule like that?” (“Chile’s new president wins from the left. Is it possible to govern like this?”). There, though they recognized the specific benefits of the new government Gabriel BoricAt the same time, fears were highlighted that the constitutional text being drafted would lead to “an impractical, utopian and anti-capitalist document”.

With their worst fears confirmed, the historic London media published another editorial on July 6 with the headline. Voters must reject Chile’s new draft constitution (“Voters to Reject New Draft of Chilean Constitution”).

In the said article, not only was the current constitutional proposal rejected, but the Magna Carta, which was ratified in 1980 in the midst of a military dictatorship, was proved on the other hand, even though it was not “correct”. , a “model of clarity” that allowed different presidents to “rule” since Pinochet.

Without examining a set of lies (for example, regarding the nationalization of natural resources or property rights over water in the case of farmers and landowners), the article is constructed from a nostalgic view of the legacy of the Pinochet dictatorship. A good portion of Chilean society seeks to leave the past behind.

to Economist, the new constitution is “absurdly long at 388 articles”, its revision is complicated by “precise language” and may cause “confusing confusion” for the reader. And from an ideological point of view, he doesn’t hesitate to say, “It’s fiscally irresponsible and sometimes twisted.”

With everything, Economist (above all a liberal orientation) does not fail to recognize the important social, cultural and economic developments that have targeted those sectors of the population most affected by the neoliberal onslaught in recent years. In this sense, preserving identity and education in their own language is one of the supporting points Tribal communitiesHistorically marginalized in Chilean society.

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However, the editorial’s emphasis is clear that the application of the new Magna Carta will affect the national business community, restricting their freedom of operation and thus impacting the country’s economic development.

Similarly, the proposal in favor of adequate working conditions based on trade union activities and, even more, the rejection of the various forms of “job insecurity” so common in this late and peripheral capitalism, deserve critical comments because of their negative impact on those sectors. Chile is said to be economically very dynamic.

However, and “a picture is worth a thousand words”, analysis Economist Chile’s proposal for constitutional reform can be gleaned from the explanation attached to the article in question. There the Chilean constitution (present or future) is identified by a roll of toilet paper, at the end of which hangs a badge certifying its status as an official document.

Against wear ok And from the opposition in Chile, the UK establishment has again shown its support, making it clear that the coalition that supported the governments of Augusto Pinochet in Santiago and Margaret Thatcher in London in the past is still there. Today, while building a common front in the face of the advancement of forceful, innovative proposals and better formulations.