December 2, 2023

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Russian ground forces receive first test batches of Plaston multi-purpose armored vehicles

Russian ground forces receive first test batches of Plaston multi-purpose armored vehicles

Based on the latest official announcements, The Russian ground forces are preparing to receive the first test batches of Plaston multi-purpose all-terrain light armored vehicles.. This reflects the recent receipt by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation of the first batch of 14 units of these light tracked vehicles, which will be used for testing and evaluation purposes.

Although other projects of the Russian industrial complex did not attract attention, Plastun is a light observation vehicle that is used in a wide variety of terrains in the extensive and continental Russian geography.. This is what the manufacturer says, highlighting the high quality of the vehicle’s 90% locally produced components, the 1.6-liter engine with 106 hp produced by AvtoVaz. 30 kmph, capable of transporting up to 8 people.

As for the development of Plastun, it was originally a civilian design with amphibious capabilities that was presented during the Army 2022 exhibition in order to cover mobility requirements in the various terrains of Russian geography. The presentation attracted the interest of the Russian Ministry of Defense, It commissioned the development of a military version for use by ground forces.

Therefore, a version of the Plaston vehicles called “SP” was presented during ARMY 2023 (Special Naznacheniya) one “special purpose”. More precisely, during the exhibition held in Moscow last August, various versions of the 82 mm motor were released to fulfill fire support tasks for infantry units.

In turn, this military version replaces the civilian version’s original aluminum helmet with a new one capable of withstanding the impact of projectiles ranging from 9x19mm to 7.62x39mm. However, since it lacks an enclosure or roof, it leaves the crew exposed and vulnerable to threats from above, such as unmanned aerial vehicles that carry various types of munitions around.

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These issues are relevant as the latest test batch of Plaston all-terrain vehicles will undergo extensive field tests to verify their feasibility for use by military forces. These tests will provide several improvements that must be incorporated to advance its adoption within the Russian ground forces.

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