December 6, 2023

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Prophecies for 2022: Baba Wanga’s predictions that will affect the world

His name was Vangelia Pandey Kushterova. But everyone called her Baba Vanga. Every year he has new predictions Died 25 years ago. Through visions, who this girl is She was blind in her childhood, Was able to successfully predict natural disasters, political crises, and celebrity deaths. There are studies that confirm that The prophecies contain more than 80% correct answers, An incredible number among the clear ones. Some of his most important predictions: Attacks 11-S, Former decay Soviet Union And disaster Chernobyl.

Who is this barber?

Baba Vanga She was a powerful psychic, able to communicate with the dead among her qualities, and had visions of seeing events in the future. He assured that these visions are possible because there are invisible creatures that show about people and their lives. Born in Stromica, a town of the Republic of Macedonia The January 31, 1911 And died at the age of 85. August 11, 1996. According to herself, at the age of 12, her vision began when a hurricane blew her into the air. 400 meters from your location, Throwing in a nearby field. After several hours of searching, the villagers found her, but she was still there Dusty and sandy eyes, Unable to open them due to pain From that moment on he loses sight for the rest of his life.