December 1, 2023

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Tensions rise in Bolivia after drug scandal: Evo Morales accuses Luis Arce’s government of plotting to destroy him

Tensions rise in Bolivia after drug scandal: Evo Morales accuses Luis Arce’s government of plotting to destroy him
The rift between Evo Morales and Luis Arce at MAS is getting bigger and bigger (REUTERS/Agustín Marcarian)

Tensions remain unabated within Bolivia’s ruling Movement for Socialism (MAS). This Sunday Evo Morales denounced the government of President Luis Arce as having a plan to destroy him With some “montage” or “request” to denounce “drug trafficking protection” and “corruption” in the current administration.

“I want to warn the Bolivian people that the government has a plan to destroy Evo, I repeat, the same people who work with the government (…) do not know something, it will be an organization, it will be. One case, one attack, I don’t know” , the former head of state said in a program on local radio station Kawsasun Koka.

Similarly, Morales wrote on his Twitter account to condemn the “protection of drug trafficking and corruption” that harms the administration of Ars. “They harass us, threaten us and attack us with lies.”

“Let the Bolivian people know that the inner right plans to implement its black plan to oust Evo in June,” the former Bolivian president wrote.

He lamented that there was now a government that had come to power with the acronym “MAS” and that there were “subpoenas, interrogations and harassment”.

“What else will they find?” The former president questioned They have already tried to accuse him of “financing drug trafficking”.They wanted to implicate him in the “scandal” of the Fazile Bank, whose controller died when he fell from a building, and now they have failed in “their diversionary operations in the tropics” of the Cochabamba power plant, the “drugs” state airline Boliviana de Aviation (BoA) left for Spain.

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Last week Spanish authorities announced they had intervened in February 12 packages containing 478 kg of cocaine on flight from Bolivia to Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas Airport And it is one of the largest drug exports in recent years. The seizure took place on February 11, but was not publicly known in Bolivia until the publication of the bulletin.

Two employees of Boliviana de Aviacion have been arrested for sending 478 kg of cocaine to Spain.

The case is being investigated in Bolivia, where at least eight people are in detention pending investigation.

The ruling Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) plans to hold an extension in La Paz this Sunday, amid a split in the party, with some supporting Morales and others supporting President Arce.

The opposition criticized the government for delay It will take four months for the trial to begin The head of the anti-narcotics police force, Col Jose IllanesHe said he knew about the case since February, which was dismissed by a government minister. Edward del Castillo.

Among those arrested were two stevedores from Boliviana de Aviação (BoA), the head of police intelligence at the Santa Cruz airport in the eastern part of the country, and two employees of the shipping service, del Castillo said. BoA’s regional head and airport services officer were also sacked, while anti-narcotics personnel were let go.

Bolivia is the third largest producer of cocoa and cocaine in the world After Colombia and Peru. Officials have denied large cartels operate in the country and say they are “emissaries” for smuggling. Frequent in Bolivian territory.

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In Bolivia, it is legal to cultivate up to 22,000 hectares of cocoa for traditional consumption, but international organizations estimate that the cultivated surface is about 30,000 hectares. According to officials, the country is also a transit route for Peruvian cocaine to Brazil.

With information from EFE and AP

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