March 23, 2023

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The US is considering sanctions against China if it increases its support for Russia in its invasion of Ukraine

A local resident stands next to buildings damaged by a Russian military offensive amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in Bakhmut, a leading city in the Donetsk region (Reuters).

America It has been voicing its close allies about the possibility of imposing new sanctions China Yes Beijing Provides military support Russia to his battle Ukraine, according to four US officials and other sources. The consultations, which are still in their early stages, aim to garner the support of many countries, especially rich ones. A group of 7 people (G7), to coordinate support for potential controls.

He Department of Treasury The United States, the lead agency in imposing sanctions, declined to comment.

Washington and its allies have said in recent weeks China Was considering supplying arms Russiawhich Beijing He refuses. Advisors to the President of the United States, Joe BidenThey did not provide evidence publicly.

They have also warned directly China He doesn’t even do it in mid-term meetings Biden and the Chinese President Xi JinpingAnd during a face-to-face meeting between the US Secretary of State on February 18, Anthony Blinkenand senior Chinese diplomat, Wang YiOn the sidelines of the Global Security Conference held in Munich.

FILE PHOTO: Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping before an extended format meeting of the leaders of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, September 16, 2022 (Reuters)

Preliminary measures of administration Biden To break China’s support Russia Including informal contacts at diplomatic and staff levels Department of Treasury, according to sources familiar with the matter. Authorities have laid the groundwork for possible action against them Beijing with a core group of countries supporting the sanctions imposed on After Russia invaded Ukraine a year ago.

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When asked about the questions, a spokesperson said White House National Security Council He said war Russia It made relationships difficult China with Europe and other countries.

This is a distraction for China and a potential blow to their international relations that they neither need nor want.said the speaker.


A country official consulted Washington He said he saw little intelligence to support his claims about them China Considering possible military assistance Russia. However, a US official said they were providing detailed intelligence reports to the Allies.

Stock China In the war between Russia And Ukraine will be among the topics discussed at the meeting Biden will be held on Friday White House With the German chancellor Olaf Schalls. Before inside New DelhiMinisters on Wednesday and Thursday Foreign Affairs Dozens of countries including Russia, China And AmericaThey will discuss the war.

last week, China It issued a 12-point document calling for a general ceasefire, which was met with skepticism West.

A Ukrainian resident experiences the effects of the Russian blockade of Baghmut, Ukraine. Moscow hopes to supply Beijing with more weapons to continue its invasion (Reuters)

Initial approach Washington The sources said the sanctions have yet to lead to broad agreement on any specific measures.

A source said the administration first wants to float the idea of ​​integrated sanctions and “pick up arm wrestling” if any exports are detected. Russia from ChinaIt declared an association “Unlimited” shortly before the invasion on February 24 last year. “On the G7 front, I think there is real awareness”, the second source said, but added that detailed measures are being taken into account China.

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Could China Be Confronted?

The Ukrainian conflict has turned into trench warfare. with Russia shortage of ammunition, Ukraine And his supporters fear that goods China Conflict can be tilted in favor Russia.

As part of a related diplomatic push, Washington found in a report G7 On February 24, the first anniversary of the battle, a request was made “Third countries” That “Stop providing material support to Russia’s war, or face heavy costs”.

Although the report does not specify China by his name, America Russia imposed new sanctions on individuals and companies accused of helping to circumvent sanctions. The measures include restrictions on exports by Chinese companies and other countries, which would prevent them from buying products such as semiconductors.

Alla Nechyborenko, 50, visits the grave of her husband Ruslan at the city cemetery outside Kyiv, Ukraine, and talks to Tetyana Shonia, a neighbor of her son Oleksii, who was killed fighting Russian troops near Bagmud on the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. February 24, 2023. China plans to back Moscow with weapons (Reuters)

Daniel CrittenbrinkHead of American Diplomacy East AsiaAnnounced before Congress this week: “In Munich we tried to make our concerns very clear both privately and publicly.”. “We have discussed the consequences and consequences if they do. We also know that many of our like-minded partners share those concerns.

Amidst the challenges faced America impose restrictions on ChinaThe world’s second largest economy is characterized by its deep integration into major economies Europe And Asia, which complicates conversations. Partners Americafrom Germany up to South KoreaReluctance to alienate China.

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Anthony RuggieroExpert on sanctions under former President’s Order Donald TrumpManagement said Biden There is scope for economic control of private actors China And doing so may discourage the government and banks from providing further support.

The administration could then send messages to China both publicly and privately, the latter more obvious, that the US would intensify sanctions with a full range of options targeting Chinese banks.“, said RuggieroNow with the Committee for Defense of Democracy Foundation.

Washington China must be forced to choose between access to the US financial system or support for war Russiasaid RuggieroCiting the barriers approach Iran And North Korea.

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