September 26, 2023

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They asked artificial intelligence where God is, and the answer surprised more than one person

They asked artificial intelligence where God is, and the answer surprised more than one person

Since artificial intelligence is available to any user, It became very common to ask him questions about all sorts of topicsEspecially those that we still don’t know, some predictions about the future or looking for insights into issues that are still mysterious.

For this, Artificial intelligence was consulted on what the place would look like Where is God?It is something that many religious and philosophical currents have tried to answer, but they are not sure about it.

With the help of the platform MidwayIt creates images or illustrations upon user requests, and one user shared images the AI ​​recreated when asked what he imagined it would look like. Where God is.

According to the Midjourney platform, where does God dwell? Photo: Created by Midjourney

In these pictures, you can see something similar A paradise, full of vegetation, natural light and crystal clear water. It is worth remembering that these are interpretations made by AI and have no provable support.

On the other hand, when asked ChatGPTAnother of the most popular AI tools, What is God’s place like?He pointed out, “Its nature is a subject deeply discussed and contemplated in various religious and philosophical traditions.

According to the theology of many religions, God is considered as a supreme being And beyond human understanding. So describe where God is It is complex because it is not limited to a specific physical location.”.

Additionally, he insists that observable explanations are its product Religious and spiritual beliefsVaries depending Personal traditions and interpretationsBecause Everyone can have their own opinion How is God’s place?

In some images God is seen as a Greek God Photo: Hoi Krypto

At Midjourney, images How to see God. You can see a presence in the charts Human formwith White beard and great strengthProperties similar to those attributed Zeus In Puranas.

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