September 26, 2023

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What announcements will Sergio Masa make during negotiations with the IMF?

What announcements will Sergio Masa make during negotiations with the IMF?

August 19, 2023 – 22:48

The ruling party’s economic committee maintained a comprehensive working day that culminated in a set of measures focusing on production, social and labor aspects.

Economic team of the ruling party headed by the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa, It was a long working day culminated in the assembly of A A set of activities Focuses on production, social and labor aspects.

contingency plan After the trip it will be announced that the officer will go to America, according to official sources. The assembly maintains two objectives: Recover and correct returns The risks it created in economic activities Demonetization “forced the International Monetary Fund (IMF)”As they say from the Ministry of Economy.

“It was a day like any other, not a weekend. Here we worked like it was Monday., they report from the halls of the building located at Hipólito Yrigoyen 250. Officials forming the Economic Cabinet started arriving at eight in the morning and left at eight at night after twelve hours of work. Meetings were held simultaneously in two or three rooms between the Manuel Belgrano room, the Scalabrini Ortiz room, and Massa’s own office. “Measures aimed at production, field, industry, especially SMEs were analysed,” says a member of the meeting and highlights: “We want this package to have a direct impact on workers and consumption.” Additionally, they assure that they have started discussing the initiatives with the various departments involved.

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The meetings are part of the end of a busy week for the union por la patría, which saw a 21.8% correction to the official exchange rate, bringing the official dollar to $350. According to Portfolio Personal Investments (PPI), the surprise triggered a pullback in prices and the fund’s dollar gap reached 109%. Because of this, Key sectors such as food, construction, pharmaceuticals and fuel were addressed. For seventy-two hours, traders and industries could not buy, sell or set budgets due to the uncertainty that warranted the situation.

In this case, Wednesday “There will be a fixed amount for workers,” declared Massa. Measures to restore purchasing power are also being explored Retirees, pensioners and family allowance holders. In addition, price agreements were reached with supermarkets and wholesalers, oil companies and laboratories to agree to a 5% monthly hike guideline until October 31 in exchange for tax incentives. According to private advisers, these commitments are aimed at moderating inflation estimates for August, which are around 10%.

The conference was hosted by Massa’s articulation arms in various settings: Leonardo Madguer, Marco Lavagna, Eduardo Casal, Guillermo Michel, Madias Tombolini, Juan José Pahillo, Carlos Castagneto, Juan “El Vasco” de Mendicuran, Kelly Raverta, Kelly Olmota, Silvina Patakis, Juan Manuel. Olmos and Victoria Dolosa pass. From the Ministry of Economy they pointed out that this Saturday will be “a day of many management and meetings, search for solutions, many movements, entries and exits”. The members shall be together with the National Cabinet, Those who should call for a “better national agreement” if they comply with what Guillermo Moreno proposed to Malena Calmarini in yesterday’s meeting.r, was requested by the Aisa owner from the former Secretary of Commerce. Key: Discuss “Consolidation of Peronism, Government Base and Economic Policy Henceforth”, Sources familiar with the meeting say

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