January 28, 2023

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The Ministry of Health has implemented a fourth drug for those who need to travel to countries that do not accept the Sputnik V vaccine.

Health Minister Carla Vizotti said this morning that health officials had decided to allow the use of a fourth drug against COVID-19, one of the WHO-approved vaccines.

National Health Minister Carla Visotti announced the decision by health officials this morning Allow the use of a fourth drug against COVID-19 with any vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) For those who need to travel and have completed their program with a vaccine of Russian descent Sputnik V, not yet globally recognized.

“We are in touch with the WHO. Postponement of WHO’s assessment of Sputnik’s inclusion in emergency list ” Vicotti explained.

In this situation, he said in conversation Radio with you, “Creating a problem on the go” For those who received two or three doses of the Russian vaccine.

“We ended a meeting. Approves the use of the fourth dose for travelers “Because they were complicated, he said “An unhealthy difficulty is the difficulty of deciding countries not to approve a vaccine that proves effectiveness, efficacy and safety, but people should not be blamed,” he said. Revealed.

“Since we have stockpiles of vaccines from Argentina, everyone who needs to get started or finish the project and get the reinforcement, we are implementing WHO approved dosages for them to travel,” he said.

“From Argentina, we have vaccines, so everyone who needs to start or finish the program and get the reinforcement gets them. We enforce WHO approved rates for you to travel “, He underlined. In other words, those who received two or three doses of Sputnik V, even if they were not in the group eligible for the fourth dose, could receive it if they justified the need to travel abroad.To the target of not accepting the vaccine developed by the Kamalaya company.

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Health officials, the minister said, “if anyone has to travel anywhere, it is now being implemented” which requires emergency vaccinations approved by the PAHO. “You have to go and present the evidence that you have to travel and sign the informed consent” because “there is an extraordinary circumstance that prevents you from exercising rights like travel”.

Earlier the Minister clarified. “You have to meet the minimum intervals, be old enough to be vaccinated and prove that you have to travel.”, He stressed, however he acknowledged that those who are not in the specific group are not recommended to get vaccinated. At the beginning of the vaccination campaign, he recalled, “We do not recommend getting a vaccine somewhere, and then getting another vaccine.” Because many “traveled for the vaccine and came back and got another, we did not recommend it for a health problem.” “We know that too much stimulation can give a hyperphosphate,” he said. “Vaccination is not recommended just for the occasion or anything else,” he said.

Who will receive the fourth dose

“You must present proof that you must travel and sign an informed consent” because “there is an extraordinary circumstance that prevents you from exercising rights such as travel” (Gustavo Cavotti)

“Before we start giving fortifications, we define a group of people who need three doses in their primary schedule. You can get the canine vaccine, which is a single dose; People over 50 with sinoform and over three years with low immunity.

Thus, People over the age of 50 who have been recommended for a fourth dose against COVID-19 and those who have received two or three doses of the synophorm vaccine of Chinese descent, have inactivated viral development and immunodeficiency. The system, he explained, was “four months after the third dose.”

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On the other hand, “for those between the ages of 3 and 11, there is no information or evidence that they need reinforcement, and for those who have received their reinforcement, even after four months, we do not provide it.”

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